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iPad & iPhone Setup:  LFA E-Mail

LFA is a G Suite for Education shop with enhanced security.  So, the e-mail setup is a little different from what faculty and staff may have seen in the past.  

There are two steps.  First, is generating an app-specific password, which is best to have a PC or Mac handy to complete.  Second is the actual mail setup for the iPad / iPhone using the password created.  Instructions are below.  Feel free to stop by the IT Department if you'd like assistance.


Alternative setups / options:  Having trouble with the Exchange setup, but can't get to campus for hands-on help?  Try the options below.



Desktop Notifications For Incoming E-mails

Remember Microsoft Outlook's new message desktop popup?  A number of users miss that feature since the move to an all web-based e-mail platform.  There are many third-party apps for Windows and MacOS that clone this function and below are a few of our recommendations.  Contact the LFA IT Department if you need assistance with installation.

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